Our Brokers

Our team of brokers offering a combination of knowledge, experience, attention to detail and passion for customer service. They are experienced professionals who can give you the best guidance on property; either for the vacation of your dreams, an extended stay to enjoy all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, or to help achieve the goal of getting your own piece of paradise.

Send them an email with what you want to know about your next holiday rental, your next purchase or the technicalities involved in these processes. Surely they will give better advice.

If you are sourcing several options before deciding on your investment, our staff is always available to present the properties to see and advise for your investment to reach its full potential correctly.

Just use our contact form,search our list sales o rental properties to choose from and any of our brokers will guide you to realize your vision in this small part of paradise called: Puerto Vallarta.

Raúl Mendez Mulhia

Cellphone: 322 227 6468

Socorro Peréz

Cellphone: 322 139 78 54

Felipe Lucano

Cellphone: 322 241 3443